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Πwho we are

Accumulating years of experience in hotel advertising, Horizon today is able to offer combined online marketing solutions that, depending on your needs, will further develop your business.

Our company is specialized in 2012 to produce high-quality virtual tours using Google Street View tools or stand-alone with the use of alternative programs. Our portfolio contains multiple interiors and exteriors of high aesthetics through 360 virtual tours.

Our promotional piece offers on-line and off-line communication services such as web design and the use of SEO & SEM tools.

Our suggestion on your corporate promotion is holistic, using all available and appropriate media.

So if you have a business or organization and are looking for an advertising agency with high quality services, you already have it in front of you.

ΤWe offer

Web design

We offer a range of comprehensive professional web design services, customized web design and development, e-commerce, content management systems (CMS), web hosting, network strategy and design.

The website is the most important part of the image of a business in terms of customers. We have focused on providing attractive, web-based web sites that will characterize you and your business.

We understand you and together we find the ideal solution.

Google Business View Development | Google Trusted Photographers

With Google Business View, you can invite your internet users and prospective customers to virtual tours of your business through Google searches, Google Maps, your Google Plus page, your website even from facebook, or / and other social networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

In the field of virtual tours, Horizon is activated by 2012, having completed successful projects in well-known hotels / resorts and Universities. The members of HORIZON were among the first to hold the certification "Google Trusted Photographer"Google which was available in 2015 in Greece.

The accumulated experience of all these years guarantees the perfect and immediate completion of even the most demanding projects.

Analytical Guidance

Web promotionAdWords Certification

Once your website is ready the next step is to be able to find it in the search engine.
Horizon ensures that your site is right for all keywords and categories.

You may have already heard the terms SEO and SEM.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the organic part of the business where its visibility is enhanced at no extra cost with site-wide techniques and with the right addition of the business to tools like Google My Business, where exactly comes the Google Street View that launches your organic search statistics.

The SEM (Search engine marketing) is an additional service that can pay your business to the top through targeted marketing techniques. The best known tool and what our company uses is Google AdWords.

As a general politician, we pay special attention to SEO, we think that inexpensively and with the appropriate moves, your business can steadily appear in the first place in key words that concern it. Of course, SEM with a milder use can ensure the company's lasting and steady presence on the first page of Google.

While your website is "upgraded" on the internet, specialized SEO & SEM operators will advise you on the best possible strategy that will upgrade your website to search engines.

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